Position: Receiving Associate – POSTION AVAILABLE December/January 2019

Qualifications: High school diploma required. Some college desired. Experience in warehouse or retail operations, transportation, construction, supervision, or related field desired. Valid drivers license. Very good driving record.

Requirements/Skills: Must be energetic, positive, pleasant, team oriented, self motivated, well organized, able to prioritize, and able to lift 50 pounds (multiple times in a day), up to 80 pounds on occasion. Must be comfortable with and present a good image to all kinds of people.  Must be able to establish, communicate, and achieve short term goals, diplomatically provide direction and express appreciation. Good verbal communication skills required. Must be able to articulate the mission of HFH-QC and adopt the mission of the ReStore. The ability to work effectively and sensitively with a diverse group of people, and professionally represent Habitat for Humanity is essential. The ability to drive large delivery trucks, a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation are necessary. CDL not required. Fork lift experience desirable.

Starting Pay – $10.50/hour

Hours: 40 hours per week, Wednesday evenings and Saturdays required.

Job responsibilities include: Receiving and processing incoming donations, assisting customers with shopping and loading of purchases, directing volunteer work in the receiving area and supporting, encouraging and appreciating volunteers. Picking up donations from donors, transporting inventory and recycling scrap metal and cardboard.


Donation intake & processing

Receive and process donations onsite (repetitive manual lifting may be required)

Assist with pickups, as needed (including driving)

Screen potential donations – reject unsuitable donations

Assemble, inspect, process, clean and sanitize (when necessary), and price incoming donations

Work with retail staff to safely and attractively place merchandise in store

Provide receipts to donors

Merchandise pickup

Coordinate paperwork to find purchased items and assist customers with loading merchandise

into their vehicles (at customer’s direction)

Help deliver merchandise, as needed


Safely collect and help sort metal scrap to maximize income from their sale

Dispose and recycle appropriate materials (i.e. scrap metal, cardboard, appliances)


Assist with in-store renovations, maintenance, etc., as needed.

Coordinate with other staff to provide adequate coverage of donation area

           Provide general customer assistance.